Volume 2 Episode 14 – Bulletproof Love

Sweet Christmas, this episode is all about the hero of Harlem, Luke Cage!
Kulbir “Power” Mann returns to the host’s chair, joined by Jack “Cottonmouth” Chambers and Mat “Sweet Christmas” Wilmot to discuss the latest Netflix Marvel show.

Of course, the trio also discuss the comics of the last two weeks with their Bi-Weekly Best and Judge Some Books By Their Covers Continue reading Volume 2 Episode 14 – Bulletproof Love


From the pile: Silent Dragon

It’s time to start digging though the pile, going through all those books you bought with the intention of starting right away but they got put on a pile and ended up living there. Some of these books are classics, some were at the time new releases. there’s a mix of big named titles and independent releases but they are all on the pile for the same reason, they sparked something in you. So here is the start of a new segment we’re calling “From the pile.”

Published by: Wildstorm 
Written by: Andy Diggle
Art by: Leinil Yu
Inks by: Gerry Alanguilan & Richard Friend
Colours by: Dave Stewart
Letters by: Jared K. Fletcher Continue reading From the pile: Silent Dragon

Indie Spotlight: Holy F*cked by Nick Marino


This week we have been chatting to Nick Marino, the man behind Holy F*cked. Just a forewarning, this is not a book suitable for all ages so if you are a youngling, or a person of weak disposition then perhaps you shouldn’t read much further. If you’re an adult or someone who isn’t easily shocked then be sure to keep on going and prepare your eyes for a treat!



Continue reading Indie Spotlight: Holy F*cked by Nick Marino

Indie Spotlight: Deluge by J.D. Oliva

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.02.14

This past week we got chance to sit down with writer J.D. Oliva to talk about his book Deluge, illustrated by Richard P Clark. We get to know a little more about him, his life in comics and the book itself. Be sure to follow the links at the bottom to keep up to date with all of J.D’s latest adventures in comics. Now sit back and get ready to dive into the world of Deluge.  Continue reading Indie Spotlight: Deluge by J.D. Oliva

Review: Black Monday Murders #1


Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Tom Coker
Colours by: Michael Garland
Letters by : Rus Wooton

It’s another Wednesday and another number one from Image. Will this, the latest offering from planner extraordinaire Jonathan Hickman be able to outlast many of the others dropped at an almost blitzkrieg rate?  Continue reading Review: Black Monday Murders #1

meet the team


A little about us

Name: Mathew ‘Wilmeau’ Wilmot
Twitter: @GeekWithoutFear
Favourite Hero: DareDevil
Favourite Writer: Warren Ellis
Favourite Artist: Bruce Timm
Super Power: Coffee powered angst
By Day: I’m shilling hot beverages
By Night: I’m pretending to be a writer but usually just grumping on stuff and complaining about my old bones

Name: Dan ‘The Wham’ Cole
Twitter: @gizmo151183
Favourite Hero: Nightcrawler
Favourite Writer: Mark Waid
Favourite Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Super Power: Overly verbose.
By Day: I Pretend to teach people something.
By Night: I command armies and conquer worlds. (and quote ancient TV commercials)

Name: Jack Chambers
Twitter: @jlwchambers
Favourite Hero: Dick Grayson
Favourite Writer: Brian K Vaughan
Favourite Artist: Cliff Chiang
Super Power: Physics Knowledge
By Day: Helping people from all around the world learn English as a second language
By Night: Podcasting about comics and rockin’ venues in the East of England with Monster City

Name: Rob Richardson
Twitter: @robbrichardson
Favourite Hero: Green Lantern
Favourite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favourite Artist: Alex Ross
Super Power: Epilepsy Warrior
By Day: Dodging tigers and polar bears in a desperate attempt to ensure the park stays clean
By Night: Messing about with pencils and inks attempting to recreate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with stickmen (I drew a sabre tooth tiger once that my mum liked…)

Review: Animosity #1

One day, the Animals woke up



Written by Marguerite Bennett

Art by: Rafael De Latorre

Colours by: Rob Schwager

Covers by: Wilfredo Tores

Published by: Aftershock Comics





We here at the ICP do love a bit of weird and wonderful. It isn’t all capes and cowls around here y’know, we do love a good genre story and some creator owned titles. This week let’s get the ball rolling on Inter-ComicsPodcast.com Vol.2 with a look at the latest book from one of our favourite creators of the last couple of years, Marguerite Bennett her new read Animosity Continue reading Review: Animosity #1

Good News Everyone!

Hey guys!

After a short break the Inter-Comics Podcast website is returning from the ashes, we saw Jean Grey, she said ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and we stopped off with the crew of Serenity and they are all having a good time. Don’t worry, they are happy and living that good life we keep hearing about. So we’re still in the early stages of getting back on our feet, please bear with us while that happens. We’ll keep you up to date on all the shenanigans that we’re into both here and on the show which will still be coming your way every two weeks.

So check back again soon and see us when we get these wheels a’rolling