meet the team


A little about us

Name: Mathew ‘Wilmeau’ Wilmot
Twitter: @GeekWithoutFear
Favourite Hero: DareDevil
Favourite Writer: Warren Ellis
Favourite Artist: Bruce Timm
Super Power: Coffee powered angst
By Day: I’m shilling hot beverages
By Night: I’m pretending to be a writer but usually just grumping on stuff and complaining about my old bones

Name: Dan ‘The Wham’ Cole
Twitter: @gizmo151183
Favourite Hero: Nightcrawler
Favourite Writer: Mark Waid
Favourite Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Super Power: Overly verbose.
By Day: I Pretend to teach people something.
By Night: I command armies and conquer worlds. (and quote ancient TV commercials)

Name: Jack Chambers
Twitter: @jlwchambers
Favourite Hero: Dick Grayson
Favourite Writer: Brian K Vaughan
Favourite Artist: Cliff Chiang
Super Power: Physics Knowledge
By Day: Helping people from all around the world learn English as a second language
By Night: Podcasting about comics and rockin’ venues in the East of England with Monster City

Name: Rob Richardson
Twitter: @robbrichardson
Favourite Hero: Green Lantern
Favourite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favourite Artist: Alex Ross
Super Power: Epilepsy Warrior
By Day: Dodging tigers and polar bears in a desperate attempt to ensure the park stays clean
By Night: Messing about with pencils and inks attempting to recreate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with stickmen (I drew a sabre tooth tiger once that my mum liked…)


About writingtwentytwopages

Amateur writer looking to tell stories about made up things. Lover of comics, movies, pulp and noir. Lives in the north of England where its cold and wet.

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