Review: Animosity #1

One day, the Animals woke up



Written by Marguerite Bennett

Art by: Rafael De Latorre

Colours by: Rob Schwager

Covers by: Wilfredo Tores

Published by: Aftershock Comics





We here at the ICP do love a bit of weird and wonderful. It isn’t all capes and cowls around here y’know, we do love a good genre story and some creator owned titles. This week let’s get the ball rolling on Vol.2 with a look at the latest book from one of our favourite creators of the last couple of years, Marguerite Bennett her new read Animosity

It’s an interesting concept which launches this book, what would happen to the world if the 20 quintillion and some animals on the earth suddenly reached a human level of sentience and decided enough was enough? Well after reading this first issue it’s safe to say that we are all, unequivocally boned! Like, we do not stand a chance in hell. To quote the three gorgeous splash pages which appear post “awakening” Oh… Holy… Fuck… 

The first half of this issue deals with the initial few minutes of chaos, the shock and disbelief that the animals are rising up and refusing to take heel as an answer. It is fast paced and frantic and the perfect space for De Latorre to strut his stuff, taking full command of the pages and telling the story with a visual blitzkrieg of emotions and tones. Not all of the animals on show are hell-bent on over throwing the former top of the food chain, some show remorse, fear and even compassion to what is happening around them. It is this half of the book which offers some of the biggest shocks in the story. It’s a gut punch to the feels that even the most hardened and desensitized person will no doubt reel in astonishment at the cruelty on show. That isn’t to say that this book is front heavy, it continues the pace and the emotion throughout the pages right until the very end.

This is where Bennett does what she has been doing so well for the last few years. Makes you care about the characters in the book. Initially this story revolves around the carnage of the opening pages but in the latter half of the book we are introduced to our main characters, Jessie and her faithful companion Sandor the bloodhound. In less than half an issue Bennett beautifully captures the relationship between pet and owner and shows just why dogs are mans best friend. yeah, up yours cats, you’ll never be as cool as Sandor. There’s genuine love there, actual connected emotion. Jessie loves Sandor, she’s her friend, confidant, partner in crime and Sandor is just as tied to Jessie in the only way that dogs can be. Loyalty, companionship, unwavering adoration. You feel the bond between these two characters and they only appear together in a few pages. This is the start of an incredible journey and one hell of a way to get people’s attention.

Animosity is an explosion of ideas that isn’t shy about showing you just how horrible things can be. The possibilities are endless for the interaction with humans and animals and the story of Jessie and Sandor can only grow to become one of the most incredible adventures two friends can go on. This is definitely one to watch.

Story – 4/5
Art – 4/5
Overall – 8/10




About writingtwentytwopages

Amateur writer looking to tell stories about made up things. Lover of comics, movies, pulp and noir. Lives in the north of England where its cold and wet.

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