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meet the team


A little about us

Name: Mathew ‘Wilmeau’ Wilmot
Twitter: @GeekWithoutFear
Favourite Hero: DareDevil
Favourite Writer: Warren Ellis
Favourite Artist: Bruce Timm
Super Power: Coffee powered angst
By Day: I’m shilling hot beverages
By Night: I’m pretending to be a writer but usually just grumping on stuff and complaining about my old bones

Name: Dan ‘The Wham’ Cole
Twitter: @gizmo151183
Favourite Hero: Nightcrawler
Favourite Writer: Mark Waid
Favourite Artist: Darwyn Cooke
Super Power: Overly verbose.
By Day: I Pretend to teach people something.
By Night: I command armies and conquer worlds. (and quote ancient TV commercials)

Name: Jack Chambers
Twitter: @jlwchambers
Favourite Hero: Dick Grayson
Favourite Writer: Brian K Vaughan
Favourite Artist: Cliff Chiang
Super Power: Physics Knowledge
By Day: Helping people from all around the world learn English as a second language
By Night: Podcasting about comics and rockin’ venues in the East of England with Monster City

Name: Rob Richardson
Twitter: @robbrichardson
Favourite Hero: Green Lantern
Favourite Writer: Geoff Johns
Favourite Artist: Alex Ross
Super Power: Epilepsy Warrior
By Day: Dodging tigers and polar bears in a desperate attempt to ensure the park stays clean
By Night: Messing about with pencils and inks attempting to recreate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with stickmen (I drew a sabre tooth tiger once that my mum liked…)